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Gleamy v1.1.5

Release notes:

  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed a bug caused by React’s StrictMode option.

Why we released these changes

Twice the Release in a Remarkable Day!

It’s not every day you witness two releases in a single day, and what an exceptional day it was! Or should we say, what an extraordinary release it turned out to be!

Typically, when a package receives a patch, it implies that someone merely forgot something. However, this time, it was all about the potential unleashed by a brand-new development environment, coupled with a bit of spare time on our hands.

One of the significant challenges that Gleamy faced, particularly when paired with React, was that its performance would steadily decline whenever it underwent rendering or experienced changes in certain props. Adding a single component to a page posed no problems, but when we let our creativity flow – as one should with Gleamy – it simply couldn’t keep up. This limitation hindered Gleamy’s ability to expand its use in larger contexts.

Fortunately, we identified the root cause of this issue and promptly resolved it. After an extensive investigation into why altering props adversely affected performance or, in some cases, didn’t work at all, we uncovered the culprit: two rendering functions persistently running for the same component. Furthermore, changing props exacerbated the problem. To address this, we implemented a fix by unsubscribing the function from the requestAnimationFrame function, allowing JavaScript’s garbage collection to remove it from the equation.