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Supporting Gleamy

Thank you for considering supporting the development of Gleamy, a project that aims to bring shine, sparkle, and glimmer to the web.

Financial Support

If you would like to make a financial contribution to Gleamy, you can do so via the following platforms:
Your donation will go towards:
  • Maintaining and improving the project
  • Paying for hosting and other infrastructure costs
  • Supporting the contributors who make Gleamy possible
We appreciate every contribution, no matter how small. Every little bit helps us continue to make the web a brighter and more glittery place.

Non-Financial Support

If you would like to support the development of Gleamy in a non-financial way, we welcome your help in the following areas:
  • Contributing code and documentation to the project
  • Testing and providing feedback on new features and releases
  • Sharing the project with your networks and spreading the word about Gleamy's mission
  • Helping us build a diverse and inclusive community around the project

Thank You

We appreciate your interest in supporting Gleamy and our vision of a more gleaming web. With your help, we can continue to create beautiful, interactive, and engaging web experiences that capture the imagination and delight users around the world.