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The Gleamy Chronicles: Unveiling the Enigma of Our Update Hiatus

Greetings, dear Gleamy enthusiasts! It’s time to unravel the mystery behind our recent update hiatus and offer you a sneak peek into the intricate world of our development journey. We’ve been brewing some exciting changes, and we want to share the wizardry that’s been happening behind the scenes.

Why the Wait?

First and foremost, we’ve embarked on a quest for performance perfection. Our goal is to provide you with an even more dazzling glitter experience that sparkles like a constellation of stars in the night sky. The low-hanging fruit of improvements has been plucked, and we’re diving deep into the magical realm of optimizing performance. Creating particles that dance and shine with unparalleled finesse is no easy feat, and we’re committed to crafting an experience that will leave you spellbound.

Introducing the Timer Option

But wait, there’s more magic in store! We’re conjuring a new animation option: the timer. We understand that timers come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re brewing up a solution that will allow you to create timers outside of our GleamyProvider component, as they are never a generic solution. While this animator option promises to add a touch of enchantment to your designs, we’re carefully considering how to make it seamlessly usable for wizards of all levels. It’s like crafting a spell that’s powerful yet easy to cast! So rather than just adding the timer just to the Gleamy library, we will also create a visual editor for this within Gleamy. And as animators are not yet introduced in the configurator on Gleamy’s website,… it’ll be some work.

DPI Scaling Dilemmas

Ah, the enigma of DPI scaling. While Gleamy currently offers this remarkable feature, we’re grappling with a conundrum when it comes to screen movement. The pixels should maintain their size, no matter where your screen dances. The challenge lies in the calculation choices that will ensure a harmonious experience, and we’re diligently working to weave the right spell for pixel perfection.

Metal Matters

And let’s not forget the captivating world of metallic gradients. Brace yourselves for new additions that will elevate your designs to celestial heights. However, within this realm lies a pivotal decision: should we offer an array of components for every metallic shade, or should we empower you to craft your own magical gradients? It’s a conundrum that requires the perfect blend of user-friendliness and endless possibilities. We’re conjuring the perfect solution that will make your metallic dreams come true.

The Path Forward

As you can see, dear readers, our hiatus is not a mere slumber—it’s a journey of transformation and discovery. We’re hard at work crafting solutions that will redefine the way you create captivating web experiences with Gleamy. While these core changes may require a bit more time in the cauldron, rest assured that the potion we’re concocting will be worth the wait.

Stay tuned for updates that will leave you awe-struck and spellbound. Until then, embrace the magic within you and know that we’re dedicated to crafting a Gleamy experience that’s truly enchanting.