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Gleamy v1.1.8

    October 22,  2023


    • Updates dependancies

    Why we released these changes: security updates

    Very boring, but Gleamy needs to stay healthy. This update just brings updates dependancies to ensure secure use.

    Gleamy v1.1.7

      October 1,  2023

      Bugfixes Why we released these changes: “The imported are Next” While everything is working perfectly fine with the fixes made in previous versions, there were some annoyances in the state of the previous version. While you can transpile packages, import them relative to the use of webpack/babel to handle many fixes for you, it’s not […]

      Gleamy v1.1.6

        September 25,  2023

        Bugfixes Why we released these changes: “The third one is the charm” In the world of software development, even the tiniest of errors can lead to significant roadblocks. Gleamy, recently released version 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 with the promise of enhancing its features. However, unlike its two predecessors, this patch release, known as Gleamy v1.1.6, turned […]

        Gleamy v1.1.5

          September 24,  2023

          Release notes: Why we released these changes Twice the Release in a Remarkable Day! It’s not every day you witness two releases in a single day, and what an exceptional day it was! Or should we say, what an extraordinary release it turned out to be! Typically, when a package receives a patch, it implies […]

          Gleamy v1.1.4

          September 24,  2023

          Release notes: Why we released these changes Greetings! In our previous blog post, titled “The Gleamy Chronicles: Unveiling the Enigma of Our Update Hiatus” we discussed the factors contributing to Gleamy’s delayed update. In summary, the features we discussed were in the pipeline and making progress. However, the process of creating these updates has proven […]